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Vitamins are very important to the deer’s diet because the organic compounds are needed to

support all the deer’s life stages. The level of vitamins A & D in your feed manages the deer’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus affecting not only their skeletal structures and teeth, but also the buck’s rack growth and the does fawning nutrition. Let’s face it a lot of hunters are becoming to deer management what farmers are to cattle management. We want the highest quality product we can get, and that’s large healthy bodies on our deer and we want large racks on our bucks. Along with the right genetics, here’s what deer need:

Vitamin A – The naturally occurring molecule also called retinoid. Affects the deer’s

immune system, cellular function, normal vision, healthy skin and maintenance of the digestive and reproductive systems.

Vitamin D – Responsible for getting the all important bone builders – calcium and

phosphorus where they can aid bone health, plus antler development and growth. Without this key nutrient as part of your deer supplemental feed program you will NOT grow larger racks, so make sure your supplemental feeds contain vitamin D!

...all of PAW’D UP’s products contain Vitamins A & D to ensure herd nutrition and skeletal growth...